Shameful censorship of the ruling of the Lisbon Appeals Court in the Amaral case

This list is a work in progress as I prepare to make formal complaints regarding the silence in the British and Irish Press related to the overturned ban on "The Truth of the Lie" by Gonçalo Amaral.

I thought the information might be helpful to others who are similarly bothered by this censorship and possibly also inclined to contact editors and/or the Press Complaints Commission.

Although there are other examples (I'm still collecting them), it is clear that the success of the McCanns in temporarily banning the book was reported in detail in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The same cannot be said for the Lisbon Appeals Court ruling to OVERTURN the decision to silence Dr. Amaral.

I've excerpted only enough text from each article to prove that they relate to the temporary ban on "Truth of the Lie". In my opinion, any news organisation that has covered the story to date has the responsibility to tell the entire story.

I'll try to keep this list current and will add any articles that belatedly inform the British / Irish public about the Lisbon Appeals Court ruling in favor of Dr. Gonçalo Amaral. I'll also add links to the (very few) news sites that have written about the October ruling, and you will see for yourself the outrageous spin involved in those.  You may find the word count interesting - compare the words written about the temporary ban to the words written about the removal of that ban.

Is there a single unbiased, articulate journalist left in the UK? Is there even ONE with the integrity to provide an unbiased, non-emotive rendition of the FACTS about this case?

(Please note: I am adding many more articles as time allows...this is *far* from complete.)

If you are interested, the list has been moved HERE.

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