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  • Winnowing the News

    An archive of news articles and information I found interesting related to the Madeleine McCann investigation. Far better sources for those seeking complete archives are: The McCann Files and The Maddie Case Files.
  • Truth be Told

    Articles and information I found interesting related to the McCann's efforts to silence Gonçalo Amaral, court proceedings related to his book "The Truth of the Lie" and other related topics.  (As above, McCann Files & Maddie Case files have full archives.)
  • Eddie and Keela

    Information about the work of Martin Grime (dog trainer/handler) and the amazing sniffer dogs used in the McCann case and internationally to help solve high profile cases. Grime's dogs alerted 11 times in Praia da Luz, and only to the McCanns' locations & possessions. I've also archived articles related to the work of other cadaver and blood dogs and their successes in solving complex missing person cases.)
  • Kevin Halligen

    Articles related to Kevin Halligen, who was brought in by the McCanns to "investigate" Madeleine's disappearance and allegedly to monitor phone tips. Kevin Halligen was wanted by the FBI, extradited and found guilty in the USA in a case related to the Trafigura atrocity on the Ivory Coast. The US deported him and his whereabouts are not currently known. In 2013, Henri Exton disclosed that (while subcontracted on the McCann case), and e-fit had been created based on the Smith family sighting and the McCanns withheld the e-fit from the police and the media. Exton is owed money by Halligen/McCanns for his work on the case.
  • Raymond Hewlett

    Articles related to Raymond Hewlett, a British paedophile, recently deceased, who was the focus of the media and the McCanns in relation to Madeleine's disappearance. Hewlett has a very interesting background, much of it connected to the Lesley Molseed murder, and therefore this blog also has been used to archive articles regarding Lesley's murder, Stefan Kiszko (wrongly convicted for the crime) and Ronald Castree (currently in prison for the murder.) Hewlett was the number one suspect in the Molseed murder for many years.  There remains controversy over the Castree conviction.
  • The Real IRA in Portugal

    Articles related to alleged Real IRA terrorists arms smuggling prosecution held in Belfast. The case involves ownership of a restaurant and property in Alvor, Portugal - near Praia da Luz. There are many twists and turns to this arms smuggling case, including allegations that one of the men is an "informer", that there is a link to the Omagh atrocity, as well as controversy over bonuses paid to MI5 agents. There was an entrapment ruling which resulted in charges dropped against one of the men.The Panda Restaurant in Alvor, Portugal was owned and used by the Real IRA and yet there was no coverage of this case by the Portuguese media.
  • Winnowing History
    Misc. articles of interest found while researching the McCann case. Most are about Northern Ireland, MI5 operations, Drug Trafficking, the murder of Denis Donaldson, etc.
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