'Bumf-free' post for a GP in Portugal

25 May 1996
An English GP who works in Portugal believes the 'feelbad factor' in British general practice may attract applicants for a post in his Algarve practice. Dr Bernard Landau, who left Britain seven years ago to practise in the Albufeira holiday resort, is looking for a partner to join him and part-time GP Dr Steve Beck.

The newcomer will treat local people, expatriates and tourists from the private practice and will earn around #45,000, said Dr Landau. 'The partner, ideally strong on ENT or dermatology, will work one night in two, will enjoy 10 weeks' holiday and have none of the paperwork problems of GPs in Britain,' he said. 'GPs back home have to put up with so many stresses. Here we have no Government reports to fill in, no item-of-service bumf and virtually no night visits in winter.'

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