iJET Will Provide Travel Intelligence Services to Prudential Securities

Securities Firm Will Use iJET's Services to Help Employees Prevent Travel Problems
13 March 2001
Business Wire

iJET Travel Intelligence has signed a contract with Prudential Securities to provide travel intelligence and customized travel services to employees of the securities firm beginning April 1.

iJET, based in Annapolis, MD, is the first intelligence agency of its kind dedicated to serving the needs of business and leisure travelers around the world. iJET provides travelers with comprehensive, timely, and personalized intelligence advisories both before and during a trip, helping travelers achieve a more productive and successful journey.

"Adding Prudential Securities as a client is a huge step for this young company," said CEO John Power. "We have spent nearly two years building the best private travel intelligence database in the world. Prudential Securities employees will soon have instant access to our database."

Under the agreement, iJET will provide Prudential Securities and its 14,000 employees access to iJET's new WorldcuePro service through the Internet.

WorldcuePro holds a continuously updated travel intelligence database covering more than 150 countries at inception. Prudential Securities employees will have access to intelligence in 10 categories key to international travel, including health, safety, security, communications, transportation and entry/exit requirements.

The Worldcue service will expand in May, when iJET will offer personalized travel intelligence reports and advisories to all Prudential Securities employees traveling internationally. These advisories, delivered directly to the traveler, are the cornerstone of iJET's WorldcueDirect service. iJET will send real-time e-mail alerts to Prudential Securities corporate security staff and individual travelers, giving the company an unprecedented ability to advise its travelers of potential travel problems.

Prudential Securities Senior Vice President and Director of Corporate Security, Henry DeGeneste said his company wants employees to have the most up-to-date travel intelligence possible.

"iJET provides a one-of-a-kind service that meets our international travel needs," DeGeneste said. "Our employees travel abroad a great deal and we want to help ensure their safety and productivity while away from the office."

Prudential Securities is a fully diversified, global securities firm based in New York City, serving clients in the United States and overseas through approximately 6,500 Financial Advisors. Prudential Securities is a Prudential company.

About iJET Travel Intelligence

iJET, a privately held company based in Annapolis, MD, is the first intelligence organization for the travel industry. Using expertise and technologies drawn from the U.S. intelligence and media communities, iJET has developed a Global Travel Intelligence Database that is continually updated to keep clients apprised of travel conditions in 150 countries at launch. iJET will expand coverage to more than 200 countries and principalities as well as adding city level intelligence in future releases.

iJET's 24/7 operations center launches publicly on April 1. It will monitor the globe for travel problems, create personalized solutions for individual travelers and distribute professional intelligence services to travel agents, corporate security directors, human resources professionals, corporate medical officers, and other intermediaries who influence travel decisions. More information is available at www.ijet.com.

iJET received funding through a Series A preferred round in August 2000. Lead institutional investors in the Series A round were PA Early Stage and EuclidSR Partners.

PA Early Stage is a family of venture funds that makes investments in seed, start-up and early stage technology-based companies. It is headquartered on Safeguard Scientifics' (NYSE:SFE) corporate campus in Wayne, PA.

EuclidSR Partners is an early stage venture capital firm with three decades of experience funding technology-based companies. It has offices in New York and Pennsylvania.

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