Susan McCluskey Statement - Madeleine McCann

APENSOS V, Volume I, Supposed Sightings and Locations (FILE 01)
(PDF Pages 113-114).... 
Pages 129 to 130? "Statement of Susan McCluskey sighting 2007.05.09 (English)"
Apensos V, Vol 1 Pages 129-130
Page 129 (Page 1 of 2)

Number : S18
Forename(s) : SUSAN
Age : OVER 18 Date of Birth : 14th May 1957
Postcode : SRx xxx
Telephone No : 019153xxxxx
Statement Date : 9th May 2007 Number of pages : 3

I am the above named person living at an address known to the Police.

At approximately 10 to 2 in the morning of Saturday 5th May 2007, I was on holiday in the town of ALVOR, PORTUGAL, with my husband Richard. We were walking up the bank from the town returning to our hotel complex known as, CLUBE ALVORFERIAS, after a night out. We were the only people on the street. We were on the main road which was dark but lit by street lighting.

As we approached the hotel Raymond(sic) - (Richard surely ??) - drew my attention to a vehicle which had stopped on the junction across the road. It was parked in the middle of the junction and initially I had thought it had broken down because of the way it was stopped. I did not have any glasses on but I was able to distinguish a male with a child get up and stagger up the hill. I can say the vehicle was about 20-30f when it stopped (PAGE ONE) but we had a clear and unobstructed view of the junction. There was no traffic and the junction was well lit with street lighting.

Raymond (sic) then decided to go across and check out the vehicle. We both went over and wrote the vehicle registration of the white 'pick-up' vehicle down on my hand. We had been at the vehicle only a very short time, possibly a couple of minutes when a woman and a couple in a dark vehicle appeared from the road in front of the van almost simultaneously.

I could describe the woman as 5 ft 5 inches - 5ft 6 inches blonde ponytail with a very worried / white face. I only noticed she was casually dressed. I could see that the male who got out of the car was on his mobile phone. We got into conversation as he could speak English and I asked him whether he was looking for a man with a child to which he said yes. He said he had seen the man hit the girl who was her(sic) (possibly should be 'him') and had turned around to see if he could catch him which was how he had ended up here. I also asked him if he knew about the missing child to which he said yes. I said can we leave it with you and he said 'yes'. He was still on the (page 2) phone at this time.

Page 130 (Page 2 of 2)

We left and returned to the hotel. We went to security to report the matter but the doors were locked. We therefore went to our room and had a coffee watching Sky News. We saw the news that the girl still had not been found and a report of a couple acting suspiciously.

We could not settle and returned to security and woke him up and explained the situation, after which we returned to the pick -up and saw it and the woman still there. At this point the security guard said leave it with me and initially we did.

However after a while we had not had anybody call so we went back down and spoke to the security man who stated he had spoke to the woman who said she had a family argument over not being able to find a child minder, and he had to leave the van there for the boss to pick it up. We were incensed by this in light of what was on the news and Richard asked for the Police and contacted them himself.

(signed) S MCCLUSKEY

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