I know where to find missing Madeleine

15 July 2007
The Sunday Mirror
Niall Donald
Girl 'still in Portugal' by Irish psychic Sarah Delamere Hurding

An Irish 'psychic' yesterday insisted she knew the exact location of missing Madeleine McCann. Sarah Delamere Hurding claimed to have met gardai to tell them how to find the four-year-old. Ms Hurding said she believed Maddy had NOT been taken out of Portugal.

Yesterday, she urged the Portuguese police to follow her "psychic clues". She said: "I believe that Maddy is not a stone's throw from where she was taken. "She is in a place which is just a 20-minute drive away when the roads are deserted."

Ms Hurding said she had received psychic messages pointing to the hills behind the holiday complex at Praia da Luz. She said: "I had not intended to get involved psychically in the search for Maddy. "But I got a strong message that the authorities need to search an area two to four miles from Praia da Luz in a north-easterly direction. "I believe Maddie is inland in a remote and desolate place."

Ms Hurding met two officers from Dalkey Garda station and told them this. She previously worked with gardai in their hunt for the missing bank worker Trevor Deely.

She said: "I know the gardai in Dalkey from the local area, and two of them called out to me and took down all the information. "I also emailed the details to the police in Britain but nothing has happened yet."

Ms Hurding worked for RTE on the channel's show Popstars and has worked with U2 singer Bono.

Yesterday, she claimed a retired British police officer was now investigating her "psychic clues".

She said: "Normally, I would keep such information totally private and go straight to the gardai. "But because of the laws in Portugal, I felt very strongly it was important to get the information out. "I posted information on the Sky News website and an excop saw them and phoned me. "She is now out in Portugal following up the leads and searching for further evidence. She noticed what I was saying coincided with what a reputable psychic in Wakefield had told her about Maddy." She added: "This lady is now out there with her father pursuing these leads privately."

Ms Hurding said Portuguese detectives should focus on what a letter to a Dutch newspaper said.

Last month, an anonymous letter in the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf identified a site nine miles outside Praia da Luz. She said: "The Dutch tip-off was not a hoax. The search just has to move a little further back to find the area. "They should work their way back from the site of the tip-off, until you are about seven kilometres from the resort. Just before you stop, you will drive down between two white inhabited houses."

Ms Hurding claimed Maddy would be found just outside the Portuguese village.

She said: "The search team need to go through the village of the yellow houses and park up on the road when you can't go any further by car. "They should get out and walk. There is a shrine on the road with red candles in it and then a concealed path and a steep hill "There is a yellow derelict house and broken wall in this area. "Search along the wall. The key clue is the shrine on the side of the road with something in it. "Then there should be a pull-in lay-by just after this and there should be fruit trees and a gully and steep hill."

Meanwhile, a Co Donegal mother hopes to raise 50 grand to help find missing Maddy.

Katriona Fernandez has raised EUR44,500 through a combo of raffles, bag-packing sessions in supermarkets and donations from neighbours in Dungloe. She said she had raised the first EUR6,000 herself before setting up a bank account.

Ms Fernandez added the response from neighbours in Dungloe, Co Donegal, the hometown of Maddy's grandparents, had been great. "Gerry's parents are originally from here, so she's one of our own," she pointed out.

She said she would send the money to the McCanns when it had topped the EUR50,000 mark.

Ms Fernandez is asking for donations to be sent to: AIB ACCOUNT NO: xxx AIB SORT CODE: xxx

"Those of you who remember Sarah Delamere Hurding's run-in with Irish Skeptics a few years ago may be interested to read her bizarre contributions to the Madeleine McCann case. She has posted her ramblings on various forums including Sky News and the Daily Mirror, but for some reason best known to herself she also decided to give UK-Skeptics a taste of her psychic skills. Needless to say she was torn to shreds, but her posts are a masterclass in the fine art of retrofitting, evasion, alteration/removal of posts and blatant lies, all in the cause of "helping Madeleine". I've come to the conclusion that she is genuinely self-deluded, if only because an out-and-out charlatan would be less inept and more dextrous at covering up her mistakes, but it's an interesting read!"

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