Boost for McCanns as cops say she was taken

Boost for McCanns as cops say she was taken
Missing Madeleine Day 269
The Sunday Mirror
27 January 2008
Lori Campbell

Portuguese police have finally admitted Madeleine McCann probably WAS snatched.

Detectives have launched a fresh review of the case and are now re-interviewing the key witnesses. In the four months since Gerry and Kate McCann were named official suspects, officers have focused their efforts on proving Madeleine died in the family's holiday apartment. Just three weeks ago investigators claimed they had enough evidence to charge the couple.

But yesterday police sources said they now believe the McCanns may be innocent.

The new focus began after DNA tests carried out in a UK lab on blood samples proved inconclusive. And the abduction theory gained strength last week with the release of a sketch of a possible suspect. The McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell yesterday said the McCanns were buoyed by the news.

State prosecutor Jose Magalhaese Menezes now believes the couple will not be charged unless a body is found.


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