McCann cops: No evidence

McCann cops: No evidence
The Sunday Mirror
10 February 2008
Lori Campbell

Madeleine McCann's parents were yesterday given fresh hope of being released from their suspect status after Portuguese police admitted they don't have any evidence against them.

A review of the case by homicide experts from the Judicial Police has turned up no proof that Kate and Gerry McCann played a part in four-year-old Madeleine's disappearance.

Attorney General Fernando Pinto Montiero told respected Portuguese newspaper Expresso: "The couple's legal status will be considered at the appropriate moment, depending on various elements still to be obtained."

Legal letters outlining 40 questions police still want the McCanns to answer will be sent to the UK authorities this week.

The newspaper reported: "They will only remain arguidos (suspects) if there are screaming contradictions revealed in the answers to the letters sent to England."

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