Kate: Please stay with us pray like mad

Kate: Please stay with us pray like mad
Maddie 1 year on
The Sunday Mirror
4 May 2008
Lori Campbell

Tormented Kate McCann yesterday urged friends to "pray like mad" for missing Madeleine on the first anniversary of her disappearance.

Tearful Kate stood up in church during a service for Madeleine to thank friends and family for their support. She said: "We know you have been praying and we ask you to keep going. Pray like mad. Please stay with us, stay with Madeleine, keep praying."

Kate and husband Gerry, both 40, has their heads bowed as they walked into the church in their home village of Rothley, Leics, holding hands. They had not taken two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie with them.

At the service Kate sent the people of Praia Da Luz - where Madeleine vanished - a personal thank you for their support. In a message read by Gerry's sister Trish Cameron she said: "You are amazing and true friends and your support has been a comfort to us." Kate and Gerry left clutching bunches of flowers from well-wishers. Earlier Kate told how she barely recognised the "cold" image of herself in TV appeals in the days after Madeleine went missing. She had been advised by behavioural experts not to show any emotion "in case her daughter's kidnapper got a perverted kick from it".

Kate told the Sunday Mirror: "With the anniversary, they've started showing footage from the early days. I don't recognise myself."

Last night Kate and Gerry returned to the Liverpool church in which they were married for a Mass for Madeleine. The service was led by Father Desmond Keegan, and Father Paul Seddon, who baptised Madeleine, assisted.

Fr Keegan said: "Wherever Madeleine is, she will know one day that her mummy and daddy, along with their family and many friends, have indeed left no stone unturned and have done everything they can to find her and will continue to do so."

Kate said that she believes the anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance could be their last opportunity to find her.

"We are appealing for that one bit of information... then it could all be over," she said.

'I don't recognise that cold image of myself which was on TV a year ago'

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