Maddie fraud: Irishman in court

NOV 26, 2009

A Dubliner whose firm helped look for Madeleine McCann and who is wanted in the US for an alleged €1.3million fraud, appeared in court yesterday.  Kevin Halligen, 48, faced City of Westminster magistrates after he was arrested on an extradition warrant in Oxford. The US Department of Justice issued an indictment for Halligen earlier this month alleging he tried to defraud a London law firm. They claim he took the money as part of a deal to secure the release of Dutch business executives arrested in the Ivory Coast, but instead spent it on a mansion, a gift for his girlfriend, cash machine withdrawals and debit card transactions.

He was arrested at a hotel in Oxford, England, yesterday, where he has been staying for several months under an assumed name, after a discrepancy in his bill resulted in the manager recognising him as an alleged fraudster. Following a short hearing at court yesterday, he was refused bail and was remanded in custody until December 2, when the case will be heard again.

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