Madeleine detective arrested

Nov 25, 2009
The Daily Express

A private detective who worked for the Madeleine McCann fund has been arrested following allegations of an unpaid hotel bill. Kevin Halligen was held last night after staff at the £350-a-night Old Bank Hotel in Oxford called police. The 48-year-old security consultant from Dublin is being held by police and now faces extradition to the United States over an alleged £1.3million fraud.

The FBI has alleged he conned a law firm out of the money and spent it on a mansion. Mr Halligen's company Oakley International, based in Washington DC, was paid £500,000 by the Find Madeleine Fund. Investigators working on his behalf claim there were more than £100,000 in unpaid fees. Police sources said Mr Halligen allegedly left a trail of debts in America. It is alleged he pretended to have served in the intelligence services to impress business contacts. It is said that two years ago he faked his own wedding to a lawyer. He was reported to be already married and the "priest" was an actor.

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