Police beat me up

22 September 2007
Daily Star 
James Wickham

RUSSIAN computer expert Sergei Malinka last night alleged that police investigating Madeleine's disappearance beat him up.  He was questioned because of his links to British ex-pat Robert Murat, 33, who was named as an official suspect earlier in the inquiry. Malinka, 22, claimed an officer assaulted him during his interrogation. He said: "The state has the power and the duty to investigate crimes and their eventual suspects.

"What it cannot do is commit abuses." Goncalo Amaral, the police chief leading the Madeleine inquiry, has already been accused of faking documents and assaulting the mother of a missing Portuguese girl in separate case. A police insider said of Malinka's interview: "Amaral confined himself to making threats, but did not become physically violent."

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