Police nab accused bilker of Find Madeline

Nov 25, 2009
UPI NewsTrack

British police arrested a man accused by U.S. authorities of defrauding people across the world, including a Madeline McCann fund in Britain, officials said.  British media reported Kevin Halligen of Surrey was arrested Tuesday as he was trying to leave the Old Bank Hotel in Oxford. Halligen, whose Washington firm was hired as a security consultant by Find Madeleine for about $835,000, allegedly took off with more than $500,000, The Times of London reported Wednesday. Madeline McCann was 3 years old when she disappeared in May 2007 while vacationing with her family in Portugal.

Halligen allegedly told fund officials his U.S. contacts could provide high-tech satellite imagery to aid in the search for the child, The Times said. Two weeks ago, Halligen was indicted in the United States on charges of wire fraud and money laundering concerning fraudulent contracts with lawyers acting on behalf of Trafigura, the Dutch company accused of causing massive illnesses after dumping waste on Africa's Ivory Coast, The Times reported.

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