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Maddie cop rant
14 January 2010
The Sun
Tom Wells

THE cop who led the Maddie McCann probe yesterday launched a tirade against her parents.

Goncalo Amaral spat "*F*** the McCanns*" when asked if he felt his wild claims were hurting them.

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Vile cop: f *** the McCanns ; New attack on parents
The Sun
Tom Wells and Antonella Lazzeri

The ex-cop who led the Madeleine McCann probe sparked new outrage last night after launching a four-letter tirade against the missing child's parents. Brazen Goncalo Amaral spat, " F    the McCanns " when asked by a BBC TV reporter if he felt his wild claims about their daughter were hurting them. Producers bleeped out the slur when a report was broadcast in the East Midlands region where Kate and Gerry McCann live.

Amaral, axed after leading the abortive early investigation into Maddie's disappearance in 2007, flipped before entering a court in Portugal's capital, Lisbon.


Yesterday he denied making the outburst, claiming he had not even spoken to a British TV crew.

But the BBC insisted he had used "inappropriate language".

And a source said: "It would not have been bleeped out had there not been sufficient cause for concern."

Amaral, 50, is trying to have a ban overturned on his book The Truth of the Lie. In it, he makes lurid claims that Kate and Gerry faked an abduction and hid Maddie's body after the three-year-old died in an accident at their holiday flat in Praia da Luz.

Yesterday he appeared to deliberately provoke the McCanns before the second day of the hearing began.

He sauntered into court brandishing a copy of his SECOND book on the case, The English Gag, in which he claims the parents tried to "silence" him. He sat yards from Kate, 41, and began leafing through its pages. Upset Kate shook her head in disbelief.

But then she steeled herself and told a friend: "He's just promoting it."

She and Gerry, also 41, were forced to endure more insulting evidence as former Portuguese police chief Francisco Moita Flores backed Amaral's view and branded the abduction a "fairytale".

Outside court heart specialist Gerry, who is heading back to Britain to fulfil work commitments, cracked when asked by a female Portuguese reporter if the ordeal of the hearing was "worth it".

He barked: "Do you have children? Anyone who has children would go through this."

He added: "I'd like to remind everyone it's the book that's on trial and not Kate and I." Gerry claimed the Portuguese cops' blinkered view that Maddie was dead — for which there was NO evidence, making it "meaningless" — was damaging the search for her.

And he said they were STILL ignoring leads passed on to them by the family's private investigators.

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