False Comparison or Analogy

False Analogy

In this technique, two things that may or may not really be similar are portrayed as being similar.

False Comparison or Analogy
This is an argument that contains a contextual error or a neglected aspect. It occurs when we assume that two things that are alike in one specific way are alike in other ways.

"Skis and roller skates are both strapped on your feet. Skis help you travel over snow efficiently, so roller skates would help you travel efficiently over snow."

Bad Analogy:
claiming that two situations are highly similar, when they aren't.
For example, "Minds, like rivers, can be broad. The broader the river, the shallower it is. Therefore, the broader the mind, the shallower it is."

Argument From Spurious Similarity is a relative of Bad Analogy. It is suggested that some resemblance is proof of a relationship. When examining the comparison, you must ask yourself how similar the items are.

In most false analogies, there is simply not enough evidence available to support the comparison.

  • Missing children cases used by the McCanns - US and British

  • Lenora Cipriano case in an attempt to portray Amaral as a bad cop targeting "innocent" mothers.
Extended Analogy:
the claim that two things, both analogous to a third thing, are therefore analogous to each other.

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