Allison McGarrigle, taken from us trying to protect a young boy from abuse

This lady is, in my opinion, yet another victim in the long list of people who have been USED by the McCanns to divert attention away from the Portuguese police files, the videos of Eddie and Keela at work in Praia da Luz, the Smith sighting, etc.

Because it angered me so much to see Allison's memory disgraced in this way - specifically in the article "LIFE FOR MURDER PAEDO WANTED BY MADDIE TECS" written by Antonella Lazzeri, who "buried" information about Allison in the article, I wanted to take a little time to acknowledge this good woman and tried to find what I could about her.

Needless to say, it is equally outrageous that Yeremy Vargas is also written about in this article which attempts to bring suspicion on O'Neill in regard to Madeleine. Even the placement of photographs gives emphasis to Madeleine rather than the woman brutally murdered by Charles O'Neill and William Lauchlan.

In my opinion, this is the worst case of opportunistic victimization by a McCann propagandist to date.

Obviously I don't have any primary sources for information about Allison, information that should have been given in the article by Lazzeri, and certainly you can find all of it by searching yourself through the news sites, but I did this to settle myself down and thought I might as well post what I found.

What I do know, is that Allison was a woman who would not stand by and tolerate the sexual abuse of a child, and therefore she is a woman with integrity who lost her life because of that integrity.  I hope that her family has found comfort and closure.


Allison McGarrigle was a small lady - 4 foot 10 inches tall and of medium build. Apparently at some point in her life, she worked as a machinist.
Allison was the mother of three children; two sons, William and Robert Jr. and a daughter, Elizabeth.  She has four grandchildren.

Allison was born in Glasgow and as an adult, she lived in Rothesay on the Isle of Bute. Her mother's name was Elizabeth Liddell.

Allison married Robert McGarrigle in Glasgow in 1977. She split from Robert in 1994, but they stayed in touch with one another for the sake of their family.  Allison lived in Rothesay with their youngest son, Robert Jr. until in June of 1997 when Robert Jr.  went to live with his father.

One friend, who knew the McGarrigles in the early 1990s, said Ms McGarrigle regarded her children as the most important thing in her life. "Allison was totally devoted to them," she said. "We knew she was dead when she didn't keep in touch with her kids."

Allison McGarrigle's family described her as "the best mum in the world"

The family said:
"Allison McGarrigle was a bubbly, happy woman with a heart of gold.

"She loved children and she was taken from us trying to protect a young boy from abuse.

"For many years, we have had to live with not knowing what had happened to her.

"But we knew she was not just missing; if she was still alive she would never have left her three kids or missed out on watching her four grandchildren grow up.

"We miss her terribly and wish that we could lay her to rest."

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