Truth Plead

13 June 2010
The News of the World
Anna Smith

PERHAPS we will never knows the depths of evil that depraved sex monsters Charles O'Neill and his gay lover William Lauchlan are capable of.

It's taken 13 years to bring the serial paedophiles to justice for strangling mum Allison McGarrigle, who tried to stop them abusing a young boy in Ayrshire.

Police believe O'Neill, below, may have been in the Algarve when Madeleine McCann vanished.

He fled to Spain in 2002 after serving time for child abuse in Scotland.

And he abducted and drugged a young boy there in 2004.

The thought that O'Neill may be involved in this must chill the McCanns to the bone.

He has always refused to be interviewed by detectives hunting for Maddie. The least he can do now that he's been jailed for 26 years is tell the truth.

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