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Wayne Hewlett claims to have received a letter from his father, Raymond Hewlett in December 2009 and yet in April 2010 it was reported that the Hewlett family was unaware of Raymond's death.

Wayne claims that the letter did not come in the mail, but was delivered by a "mystery man", in other words the  identity of the person delivering it cannot be determined.

Wayne Hewlett said that he burned the letter, therefore the contents cannot be verified as having come from Raymond Hewlett nor can the claim Wayne makes that his father heard a confession from a gipsy be verified.

Therefore any future news reports or statements from the McCanns regarding Madeleine having been taken by gipsies and sold to a wealthy couple will be solely based on Wayne Hewlett's alleged letter.

The burning of the letter and the delivery by way of "mystery man" makes the claim impossible to verify.

So it is Wayne Hewlett now, up against the mountain of evidence that Maddie died in the apartment and the McCanns and their friends hid her body, set up a fraudulent fund and attempted to destroy Dr. Goncalo Amaral's career and reputation.

A letter, now ashes, an unidentifiable letter deliverer and a claim that the gipsie's took Madeleine.  There are NO cases in Portugal of children stolen by gipsies.

The PJ need to investigate Wayne Hewlett ASAP and reopen the Madeleine McCann case, based on this "new evidence".

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