Comrade in Arms

I just saw on the Good Quality Wristbands site that cash has run short to keep McCann Files up and running.

In my opinion, the McCann Files website is an invaluable reference source. Nigel is an unselfish, determined justice seeker, who never asks for help and never self promotes. He has worked tirelessly to keep us informed about the McCann investigation and I hope that, if you can, you will donate a bit to help him keep the site online.

For donations, on the main page, go to the bottom of the left hand side bar and click the Contact/Link button or you can click this direct link. Donations can be made by card or Paypal.

There is no doubt in my mind that Nigel will use every donation to operate and maintain the site and the money we send will be properly spent.

(P.S. While you are there, why not let Nigel know how much you value his efforts?  There is a comment field on the page to do just that!)

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