News blackout continues in the UK and Ireland

Based on the history of the British / Irish media (who covered the McCann's initially successful attempt to silence Goncalo Amaral with relish and subsequently refused to publish the fact that the Lisbon Appeals court ruled to OVERTURN the ban on "The Truth of the Lie")  is it no surprise that we must turn to Portuguese news sources to stay updated?

As John Blacksmith (in typically eloquent prose) stated the other day - the British press has gone the way of travel agents - no longer needed, no longer relevant as we (today's "citizens of the world") use the internet to dig for the truth.  They have made themselves irrelevant, they have left all journalistic ethics aside as they either slanted the news in favor of the McCanns or refused altogether to inform their readers of the facts.

Earlier this year I attempted to isolate articles which basically libeled Dr. Amaral, calling him everything from "disgraced" to a "Keystone Kop" [herehere here, & here] ...  but recently what I've seen is that British reporters apparently find it easier to simply ignore the news than to try to spin it against Amaral.  (Perhaps they are aware that by continuing their assault on Amaral and his like-minded colleagues  they are now also libeling the Portuguese judicial system. specifically the Appeals Court justices who ruled in favor of Amaral.)

At any rate, courtesy of the amazing Joana Morais, Ines and colleagues, we have the following:

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