02-Processos Volume II Pages 406 - 408 Pedro Louro Serrao

02-Processos Volume II Pages 406 - 408
Pedro Louro Serrao

Date/Time: 2007/05/07 18H30
Reception Assistant Manager

Concerning the issue of the process said;
. That he comes to the process as a witness;

. Questioned, informs that he is a functionary of the Ocean Club since July of the year, 2005, with the duties of reception assistant manager. Clarifies that his post centres in the principal reception, open 24 hours per day, of the Ocean Club situated in the zone designated as the Palm Bay;

. Questioned as to his work hours, he clarifies that they are not normal, and are flexible, depending on the rest of the employees. In relating to days off, he says that he can never have a day off on Thursdays, nor on Saturdays, for these are the days for check-in and check-out of clients. Specifically, on the past 03 May, 207, day of the disappearance of the minor, he remembers that he finished around 16H00. For this reason, he affirms that he only learnt of what had happened the next morning when he arrived at work at 08H00;

. Remembers that at the time of the happenings, this being between 21H00 and 23:00 this past Thursday, he was accompanied by his girlfriend ***. Together with a friend of British nationality named *****, they decided to meet and go to Alvor;

. For this reason, when the disappearance occurred, he did not find himself in Praia da Luz;

. During the days which preceded the facts, he states that he did not notice any elements/individual/facts that called his attention;

. Clarifies that to carry out his duties, he is always in the reception, where he can leave for brief moments at certain opportunities;

. The question made, he says that habitually all the check-ins are made at the aforementioned reception desk. The other receptions are only for issues that limit themselves to the control of access of areas, pools and other similar equipment. This way, the clients are obligated to pass through the reception, without exception of the clients booked through the Mark Warner agency. This tourist operator, on the journey from the airport to the tourist complex, effects the collection of all identification and other from the tourists, and that subsequently, these elements are given to a functionary of the Ocean Club reception. In this way, the clients of Mark Warner do need to check-in directly with the resort reception. Only one individual is sufficient to effect the exit of an apartment, without the need for all users of the apartment to confirm their identity and exit. When he speaks of check-out, he states that this refers to the communication of departure of the apartment and not individual exit, with certification of the respective individuals (occupants);

. When they leave, all clients, including Mark Warner guests, must effect their exit in the principal reception;

. Reiterates what was said, referring that never noticed any suspicious element

. And nothing more said, having read the statement, finds it in conformity and signs it;

. The document is duly signed by me ?

Tony Almeida, an Inspector with this Polícia Judiciara.

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