The F*** the McCanns Scandal

The F*** the McCanns Scandal

Presented here are the articles published by the British press related to this "scandal".   In each of the articles, I have attempted to highlight the negative comments about Dr. Goncalo Amaral in red and the positive comments about the McCanns in green.  I urge you to review the articles carefully and watch for the abundant emotive language and spin.

The "F*** the McCanns" Scandal ranks high as evidence that certain British "journalists" have intentionally attacked Dr. Amaral.  This episode supports the thesis that these reporters are in league with those attempting to silence all debate about the McCanns.

Just as the Carvi Seafood Restaurant Scandal can be analysed and seen as built upon a very flimsy (if not entirely fabricated) foundation, the "F*** the McCanns" Scandal can be similarly analysed and seen to be another false flag, used as propaganda to support the McCanns and attempt to destroy Dr. Amaral's reputation.

As a non-English speaker and a dignified man, the likelihood of Amaral's use of a vile expletive in ENGLISH to reply to a reporter's question is nil.  Portuguese journalists suggested that he said "I'm not talking about the McCanns" in Portuguese.  The BBC stood by its claim and to date has issued no apology to Dr. Amaral, nor have they responded to the many letters sent to them regarding the alleged "mistranslation".

Given the high stakes involved (the question was asked in front of the courthouse where the libel trial was being heard) it is even more unlikely that this non-English speaking professional, facing the McCanns at trial would have cursed them in this manner.

Examples abound and clearly attempts were made by the reporters to slant the articles to vilify Amaral and sanctify the McCanns rather than simply providing unbiased information. Techniques include the use of highly emotive language, the lack of background information given the Portuguese speaking at trial, including Criminologist Francisco Moita Flores.  (His credentials boiled down to the claim that he is Amaral's "friend"-by implication he is "not to be trusted".) After reviewing the articles below and if you are interested; here is a Wikipedia entry regarding Flores.  Anyone seeking TRUTH can easily use a search engine to find out more about Flores career and credentials, apparently something British reporters couldn't be bothered to do... (Google translation to English)

Kudos to the Daily Star for daring to challenge the  BBC, who, as you know, operate under a Royal Charter.

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