Timeline: "Maddie: The Truth of the Lie"

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The online translation of "The Truth of the Lie" can be read by clicking the title to this post or by clicking HERE.  

"The Truth of the Lie" was translated into English by "AnnaEsse". An official English translation is still intended by the book's publisher, however the McCann's court actions have delayed this. Their intention is to prevent  an official English translation as well as to have all existing unsold copies of the book destroyed.

2007 2008 2009 2010
03 MAY
Madeleine disappears
23 APR
Amaral plans to quit PJ
04 APR
 Gerry McCann filming PdL
08 JAN
 McCanns 100K euros if Amaral speaks
Lee Rainbow report
25 APR
 Amaral plans to publish book
13 APR
TV1 Documentary airs
10 JAN
McCanns demand book/videos destroyed
09 JUL
Brown/Socrates meet
27 APR
McCanns plan to write book
01 MAY
Amaral International probe
11 JAN
 José de Freitas refuses to testify
23 JUL
 Mark Harrison report
01 JUL
 Amaral quits PJ
16 MAY
McCanns suing
Amaral counter-suing
12 JAN
 Day 1 Trial re: ban
31 JUL
Eddie/Keela search 5A
20 JUL
Abreu re: "Truth of Lie"
20 AUG
McCanns drop Tal Qual lawsuit
13 JAN
Day 2 Trial re: ban Paiva-Kate's dream Almeida-cadaver dogs
02 AUG
 Eddie/Keela search McCann villa
23 JUL
McCann threaten legal action "Truth of Lie"
09 SEP
Temporary ban on "Truth of Lie"
14 JAN
Day 3 Trial Adjourns to Feb BBC allege "F* the McCanns"
03 AUG
Eddie/Keela search 5A again
24 JUL
 Book launch "Truth of Lie"
10 SEP
 McCanns react to ban
15 JAN
 McCanns claim re: secrecy laws
4 / 5 AUG
 Samples sent to FSS
25 JUL
McCanns definitely plan to sue
23 SEP
 McCanns demand €1.2 mill. damages
18 JAN
Amaral responds to McCann blog
6 / 7 AUG
 Eddie/Keela search cars
17 AUG
140,000 copies sold    "Truth of Lie"
25 SEP
 Amaral 2nd book "English Gag"
10 FEB
 Last day ban trial. Dâmaso/Froes testify. Cabrita-Lee Rainbow
07 SEP
 McCanns declared arguidos
16 NOV
 180,000 copies sold "Truth of Lie"
01 DEC
 Amaral Soc. Sec. support-frozen assets
18 FEB
Temporary ban remains
09 SEP
McCanns return
to UK
02 DEC
McCanns £1million libel suit
20 FEB
 Amaral preparing appeal
02 OCT
Amaral transferred to Faro
10 DEC
 McCanns at Amaral ban trial
04 MAR
 Amaral quoted re: sightings
04 OCT
 Almeida requests extended leave
11 DEC
 Amaral trial postponed lawyer ill
19 OCT
 Lisbon Appeals court overturns book ban
08 OCT
 Rebelo replaces Amaral
19 DEC
 Amaral article
03 NOV
 Duarte refuses to return 10,000 copies of book
22 DEC
Amaral interview i online
11 NOV
 Duarte delivers appeal
to Supreme Court
23 DEC
Amaral interview
O Crime
14 NOV
McCanns book deal
with Transworld

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