Winnowing update

I've been "busy behind the scenes" downloading articles, organising information and looking as carefully as I can at very specific events in the Madeleine McCann investigation.

I am trying to understand how the scandalous, unfounded vilification of Dr. Goncalo Amaral by the British press came about.  It is encouraging that wikileaks are allegedly in possession of cables sent by the American Embassy in Lisbon related to the McCann case.  Those documents apparently include "interesting observations on the involvement of British police" in the McCann investigation.

If no answers to the mystery of Madeleine's disappearance are found in the cables, they will at the very least confirm one thing.  Goncalo Amaral's frustration over the involvement of the British police - which lead to his transfer off the case, was legitimate and should never have caused his dismissal.

As those further down the road understanding the details related to Amaral's villification will attest, there is a lot of background information that must be understood.  I've had to learn all I could about the Joana Cipriano case (involving incest, murder, a child's dissected body, false claims of police brutality, etc.), Metodo3, Marcos Aragao Correia (the psychic lawyer), the court decisions related to "The Truth of the Lie" and background to those rulings, etc., etc., etc. I'm looking carefully at the conduct of specific reporters, the Press Association, the BBC, and other media outlets.

I decided to move my research (including old posts on this blog re: Amaral) to a new "branch" off this main blog - and am in the process of cleaning up the crazy formatting that results when blog posts are transferred. I think it will be worth the effort, though, because it is helpful (for me) to isolate this. In the past I've done likewise re: Raymond Hewlett, Kevin Halligen,and The Real IRA in Portugal.

Because I have a passionate belief that Goncalo Amaral has, like Madeleine herself, been an innocent victim, I intend to prove the allegations against him are false, malicious and defamatory.  Those of us who have researched the case are aware this is true.  I intend to prove it.

So...if anyone is looking for new posts from me, they are likely to be made on "Truth be Told" rather than here.

Happy holidays everyone.

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