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Cathy Morris / Landau
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Algarve Resident:

02-Feb-2001 Algarve welcomes Ambassador 9/2/2001 ("News editor and presenter Cathy Morris also interviewed Sir John.")

27-Nov-2008 Prostitution becoming more apparent in region

27-Nov-2008 Luxury developments bring major investment to the Algarve

27-Nov-2008 UK police visit region (Re; Paul Duckenfield possible murder. Steroid supplier.)

31-Dec-2008 Argument over stricter control on west coast

05-Mar-2009 Two recent falls highlight the dangers of cliff walks

20-Aug-2009 Charity claims there are 8,000 abandoned animals in region

20-Aug-2009 Temporary summer bars cause noise nightmare

20-Mar-2009 Why the Algarve will feel decidedly Scottish this weekend

27-Aug-2009 Lack of police creates a poor image of region  (Re: opinion of "several leading people")

03-Sep-2009 National tourism saves summer

10-Sep-2009 Britons arrested for smuggling (Re: International cigarette smuggling ring operating in Loulé and Albufeira)

10-Sep-2009 Body of Irish businessman going home (Re: Irish tourist Paul Houston, murdered in Alvor)

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