Madeleine McCann - 6 Months Gone

2 November 2007
Leicester Sound investigates the disappearance of Madeleine McCann

I'm reposting this video because I believe there are a few things to look carefully at here.

The first being comments made (1:40 and 3:15 on video) by Cathy Landau (aka Cathy Morris), a freelance journalist originally from Bangor, Northern Ireland and apparently married to Dr. Bernard Landau who runs an emergency clinic in Albufeira.  (See information regarding Crystalgarve Property Management - note address and names.)

The second being the reluctance of reporter Klara Lethbridge to comment (1:55 on video)
"Again, I believe I have to be careful now"
and at (2:11 on video)
"God I have to be so careful about what I am saying.  It's not as straightforward as it seems."
(Note also that Klara Lethbridge page on Wikipedia was removed 30 March, 2009.)

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